Friday, 8 March 2013

My First Blog Entry


It has been a long time to think to create a blog, where I can share some writings on my works with some insight.....  Well now it feels this is the time when I need to move ahead from posting artworks on my Facebook page DrTriptiSingh 

I have some 515 likes on my page in Facebook, why I need this blog . I feel there was some distraction and I am always in a hurry to post an image with minimal writing on it. Though I had explained some artworks in detail ....but fewer times. So I need this blog where I can write and share. 

My research interests are in Indian digital arts and I am curious to know and learn something new about it. It feels digital medium is soluble like water, which blend with other mediums so well that many times we don't have any clue that it has been created with the help of digital medium. It has many possibilities to explore and for experimentation with almost all mediums, stationary, methods and also with inter-disciplinary subjects.  Moreover it has advantage of a medium it self. 

Digital medium is considered as liquid in space  which is made up of bits and bytes. That is why it has scope of advancement and modification at most of the time ... We can increase and decrease the size. We can get it printed on most of the surfaces. We can also project it in empty space or wall. It is very convenient to store. It has advantages to share on internet through emails, websites, mobile, tablet etc.  We can send entries for applying for contests, exhibition applications or exposing artworks online, for all that we needed to change those physical artworks into digital.... these are few advantages.

Well why I am talking about the medium when it is least important than a thought or an idea or our motive to create something. It is all about human imagination, human perception and human expression which is express through some abc medium. 

So in this blog I like to explore and gather some information on how to express a thought or idea using different mediums. And also how I can describe my works of art. We will see it in future post! 

I hope this is a start of new (for me) creative and interactive journey with the world audience. 



Dr. Tripti Singh 


  1. Dear T
    ...truly your first post is remarkable! Now I am looking for your next creative post...
    all the best.
    Visual Art

    1. Thanks a lot sir for appreciation and encouragement.