Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Creating Works of Art

Creating works of art is difficult as to write a story, writing a poem and creating a song And writing for blog! :-) 

It starts with a question “how to start and where to lead it”. 

For starting artworks, the thoughts are needed. Then a process starts, it is like assembling required seeds of thoughts and kills are ground for seeding. 

It is important to know that art is a continuous process which has no boundaries and limits. It has to get started once and then it will just carry away from a day, to weeks, to months and till years. It feels like floating on the water of Ganges and letting water current takes us where ever it wants, like, “letting go!”. 

Why Ganges? Well because it has connectivity with spirituality and it connects earth with the universe. So, creating artwork starts with a connectivity from the universe and feeling of what which has been sent to us. It guides to carry on, stay, search and to stop. 

Once it connects, the brain storms with ideas, selecting strong ideas which gives solid base to our imagination. Then the skills are required to give it physical form. Many times it feels that the hands doesn't obey the mind's commands, by practicing, this gap can be reduced. Slowly by practicing a person achieves required skills to transform his/her thoughts to exact forms. Things get better when the artwork goes beyond that territory of the skills. 

When an artist feels freedom of expressing the thought, then his art has no weaknesses, no regulations, no rules, no, nothing, just purity of the thought prevails. It is the goal of an artist to achieve situation where s/he is carried away by his/her artworks.  

Then the works become works of art that had never been imagined, never been created and no where else rests, but in front of its creator. It is pure innovative process, a painful process and handwork of years, which is gift of god which has been given to human only. 

Such artworks can be discussed, can be talked for long time and more discussions shows, degree of mature artwork. So, creating artworks and explanation on them is important for the viewers. 

Artworks gets old with the time, they change purpose and reason according to the person who owns them. They give meanings to the surroundings where they are displayed. They create dialogs with the viewer and involve them emotionally. They are works of art. 

In this way artworks make the life of the artist satisfactory and accomplished. 

 Amoghvarsha Series - Balance, New media, 48"X60"

*It is about art and it is not about the medium, which an artist mastered. The skills using some materials or techniques takes back seat*.


I will be waiting for your views, how you create artworks.


Dr. Tripti Singh


  1. It's rather difficult to narrate creative ideas in words. But your endeavor will benefit art lovers.
    thanks again.

  2. madam could you tell me how to pass UGC NET in visual arts?
    I want to be a professor like you.

    1. In my blog entry you can see there is Art Reader Blogger you can ask your question to him. he can help you to prepare for the exam! Hope this will be useful!